CIO State of IT Talent Study 2023

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Over the past several years, businesses have experienced a wave of unprecedented IT-related challenges, including global talent shortages, as well as professional recruitment and retention issues. Although 2022 marked a step toward a return to normalcy, businesses are still starved for IT talent, a challenge that is only exacerbated by the rapid evolution of business technologies largely fueled by advancements in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

As the push for enhanced productivity and increased operational efficiency continues, businesses are employing a variety of strategies to fully realize their digital transformations and overcome the aforementioned IT talent challenges.

In this year’s study, the IT Executives Council laid out a multi-faceted set of objectives, with the 2023 CIO State of IT Talent Survey being designed to gather insights on the difficulties in finding IT talent that the majority of organizations are facing.

To answer important questions and shed light on IT talent retention and recruiting issues, we polled more than 100 technology executives, including CIOs, CISOs, IT directors, and VPs of information technology, to create a resource for business leaders across all major verticals to more effectively navigate the ongoing challenges. Leverage the findings of our report to assist with your IT recruiting, retention, and upskilling strategy. 

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CIO State of IT Talent 2023