2024 CIO Outlook Study

The IT Executives Council’s 2024 CIO Outlook Study set out to explore the strategies and perspectives of over 120 technology executives, including CIOs, CISOs, IT directors, and VPs of information technology. The study is designed to provide business leaders across diverse verticals with valuable insights into the current state of IT, focusing on key areas such as digital transformation, technology priorities, economic resilience, cybersecurity, remote work strategies, and data governance.

2024 CIO Outlook Study

CIO State of IT Talent Study 2023

To answer important questions and shed light on IT talent retention and recruiting issues, we polled more than 100 technology executives, including CIOs, CISOs, IT directors, and VPs of information technology, to create a resource for business leaders across all major verticals to more effectively navigate the ongoing challenges. Leverage the findings of our report to assist with your IT recruiting, retention, and upskilling strategy.

CIO State of IT Talent 2023

5 Key Considerations When Implementing a Modern BI

You’ve had your “aha moment.” You’re finally ready to change your organization’s approach to business intelligence (BI)—or take it to the next level—and you’re eager to implement a solution and get your team up and running with their new tools and insights.  If you’re in the process of selecting a BI tool for your company, this eBook is for you. Our sponsor MIBAR will share their take on the key considerations for deploying a modern BI approach across your organization

Implementing Business Intelligence

Cloud Success Begins with Cloud Discovery and Assessment

Adopting cloud means undertaking a major transformation, even if you think you’re simply going to “lift & shift” workloads from the premises to their new home in the cloud. This transformation can only succeed if you have a clear understanding of your current information technology. The data collected through Discovery & Assessment enables businesses to understand their existing IT infrastructure, how it can benefit from cloud migration, and the best approach to cloud migration for each workload. Download this guide to learn more about the entire cloud journey, beginning with Discovery & Assessment.

Cloud Discovery and Assessment

5 Ways CIOs & CFOs Can Partner for Digital Success

The ultimate goal is to equip their organizations to work smarter and more strategically in the post-pandemic economy. CIOs are looking for digital transformation wins that don’t crush IT capacity and create maintenance overhead, and CFOs are looking to IT leadership to accelerate their vision for Accounting and Finance. Our sponsor BlackLine will share five ways CIOs and CFOs can partner for digital success.

CIO Digital Transformation

The Definitive Guide to Zero Trust Security

The traditional perimeter-based security model no longer adequately addresses cybersecurity challenges for several reasons and there is no way to harden the perimeter enough to resolve those. Instead, the solution is to recognize that there is no such thing as safety when it comes to information security and malware. Businesses need to operate in an environment in which each and every request for access by each and every user is examined each and every time. That results in a Zero Trust approach to information security, and in fact Zero Trust security is now the cybersecurity solution recommended by the federal government. 

Zero Trust Security Guide

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