Emerging Technologies to Watch in 2023

by | Jan 12, 2023 | Data Analytics

The start of every new year unveils several lists that indicate what should happen in the world of information technology. Although the lists vary, some common themes have found their way onto the lists created for the emerging technologies to watch in 2023. Gartner analyst David Groombridge believes sustainability should emerge as a foundational theme for companies devising IT strategies for 2023 and beyond. Groombridge also emphasized that a growing number of executives feel that “innovation is going to be a major tactic to sustain growth. It’s very important for executive leaders to have a clear understanding of where that innovation may come from and that’s what these trends help them rapidly navigate.”

CIOs are the executives that have their fingers on the pulse of technological change. From advancements for Web3 and adaptive AI to the continuation of making progress with green technology, 2023 is shaping up to be a dynamic year for technological changes.

The Emergence of Pioneer Technologies

Groombridge defines the emerging technologies on Gartner’s list to be pioneer technologies in that the technologies have developed a well-deserved reputation for fostering innovation. The list of Gartner pioneer technologies includes Super Apps, which allows companies to merge several different apps into one comprehensive app that provides a much more streamlined approach to accessing and organizing data. Groombridge states Super Apps offer companies the chance to implement “new ways of engaging with customers, employees, and partners.”

AI Becomes an Integral Technology Tool

Post-World War II technology advancements included the introduction of the most basic form of Artificial Intelligence. Since the turn of the 21st century, IT analysts have predicted breakthroughs in AI technology that permit companies to incorporate the technology as a centerpiece of their IT platforms. However, the predictions for AI to turn into a mainstream technology for businesses to use has up until 2023 fallen short of projected goals.

In 2023, AI should become the real deal for businesses that operate in a wide variety of industries.

We are seeing the incorporation of AI technology into IT platforms in several industries, such as the retail industry. For example, Stitch Fix leverages AI-enabled algorithms to make recommendations to customers based on their sizes and style preferences. AI also should be the driving force behind new autonomous delivery systems that require retail employees to work closely with AI machines to fulfill their job responsibilities.

Metaverse Becomes Real…Sort of

Metaverse represents a term that describes a much more immersive online experience where you can interact socially and complete work tasks on the same digital platform. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) should continue to advance to the point that creates immersive settings where workers can talk, create systems, and brainstorm project ideas. Microsoft and Nvidia are in the process of developing Metaverse platforms for IT teams to work together on digitally-based projects.

IT analysts have projected that part of the Metaverse should be ready to go in 2023, which is expected to be the year when IT professionals collaborate to define the direction of the technology moving forward. The same analysts expect the Metaverse to generate more than $5 trillion for the world economy by 2030.

Frontier Technologies

For all the focus on emerging technologies such as AI and the Metaverse, some IT analysts have promoted the emergence of frontier technologies. These technologies are not pioneers in that they represent something new. Instead, they are technologies that businesses can use now to improve productivity.

Turing bots are software powered by AI technology that automatically support the creation of software code. Extended Reality (XR) combines the visual components generated by IT tools such as mixed and visual reality. XR should be available to use for onboarding and training employees within the next five years. The goal to decentralize the Internet through Web3 should gain momentum in 2023. With cybersecurity near or at the top of CIO priorities in 2023, Zero Trust Edge should emerge to become a critical part of every company’s cybersecurity strategy. Zero Trust Edge securely connects and moves digital traffic.

What Are the Continuing Technology Trends for 2023?

As Groombridge mentioned, sustainability should remain a prominent goal for CIOs as we move through 2023. During 2023, we should see a continued effort to create more transparent supply chains that reveal the impact of consumer demand on the environment. We also should witness faster progress in the incorporation of green technology on IT platforms. Green hydrogen, which is a clean-burning source of energy, should become an integral part of the green technology movement.

Achieving the goal to make robots more human-like in both movements and thought processes should increase the role of automated workers. We might see a dramatic increase in robots working as hosts and bartenders in restaurants, as well as companions for seniors that require managed care services. Expect more progress to be made in the development of automated systems, especially when it comes to shipping and logistics. In 2023, more self-driving trucks and ships should become part of delivery fleets for companies operating around the world.

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