Top 6 IT Resolutions for 2023

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It is an annual rite of passage that unfolds before confetti and party favors find their way to the floor in an empty ballroom. We are talking about New Year’s resolutions that create a blueprint for the personal goals we want to achieve during the upcoming year. With a new year offering a recharged feeling of hope and optimism, our resolutions reflect the spirit of positive changes such as losing weight, eating healthier, and pursuing a hobby. Although it is important to map out a strategy for achieving goals in 2023, there is another set of resolutions that should be made by IT professionals.

Having navigated the turbulence presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as addressed a wide variety of IT challenges that included managing unpredictable supply chain disruptions, the end of 2022 has welcomed a strong feeling of optimism not felt by IT professionals since successfully handling the many challenges associated with the Y2K crisis. Nonetheless, IT professionals should consider the following six resolutions for 2023. The following six IT resolutions do not focus on highly technical goals, but instead, they address goals that are more about the big picture.

Resolution #1: Strengthen Cybersecurity Protections

You are going to discover this resolution on every IT professional’s list. Cyber threats are increasing in frequency and potency with each passing year. Focusing on cybersecurity measures is not only about creating new and highly-effective strategies to thwart the bad guys, but you and your team of IT professionals must continue to follow the good habits that protect sensitive company data.

Start by creating memorable, yet tough-to-crack passwords, and make sure to change your passwords regularly. Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect every account. Establish a VPN to encrypt all data and conceal the identity of your IP address every time an employee connects to the Internet. Encourage your team to stay off W-Fi networks, as well as never click or download files from unknown origins.

Resolution #2: Declutter Your Digital Assets

Every spring, many of us take time to declutter spaces in our homes, such as the basement and garage. For IT professionals, decluttering means cleaning out every digital space where you store and access data. For example, deleting outdated emails frees up more digital space, as well as helps you organize relevant communications. A decluttered digital space should improve your productivity and help you prioritize daily assignments.

Cleaning up hard drives and expunging irrelevant files also helps you declutter your digital assets.

Resolution #3: Become Better Organized

The success of the IT projects that you lead hinges on several factors, with one of the important factors concerning your level of organization. One of the best IT resolutions for 2023 and beyond involves leveraging the power of productivity apps to improve the efficiency of the IT team. If you need help keeping track of meetings or remembering critical project deadlines, a wide variety of productivity apps can help dramatically improve the performance of you and your team.

For example, you and your team can leverage the power of the app Calendly to schedule every meeting and project task. Leaning on productivity apps such as Asana to stay organized takes the guesswork out of managing your time and financial resources.

Resolution #4: Decompress and Recharge Often

As we said at the onset of this post, the IT resolutions that you make for 2023 do not require you to achieve highly technical goals. Instead, you should concentrate more on holistic goals such as learning how to unwind and eventually recharge your motor to tackle the difficult challenges that lie ahead. IT professionals have earned a reputation for working long, unusual hours to achieve project goals. Although you can expect to burn the flame well into the night every once in a while, it should not be common practice.

The constant focus on work can burn out the most determined IT professionals. When you leave the workplace, try not to think about work. Unwind outside of the workplace to build the energy you need that recharge your physical, emotional, and intellectual motors.

Resolution #5: Automate Workflows

Well, not every IT resolution for 2023 involves a holistic approach. Automating repetitive workflows represents a highly effective strategy to save time and energy, as well as reduce or eliminate technical errors. Automation tools such as Zapier receive plenty of positive feedback concerning proven solutions such as virtual assistants that handle every mundane and repetitive task faced by your IT team.

The automated tools for managing workflows connect to a wide range of apps and services that can save you a considerable amount of time.

Resolution #6: Develop New Skills

This resolution should appear on every professional’s list, not just on the list of IT experts. Gaining new skills not only enhances your productivity, but also boosts your value for the entire organization. Developing new skills, whether they are technical or management-related, should give your IT team a head of steam as you move forward in 2023. You can take college-level courses or learn new skills at your own pace by following online tutorials.

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