How CIOs Can Navigate the AI Talent Crisis

by | May 1, 2024 | AI, IT Workforce

AI has become a necessary tool in today’s world of business. It automates processes to make systems more efficient. It keeps you competitive within your industry.

However, many CIOs face challenges in finding the best talent for their AI needs. Many of today’s workers are not skilled enough to optimize AI tools. Businesses struggle to find new talent or train existing talent to keep their companies up to date.

Fortunately, solutions are available. Read on to learn how to keep your company competitive in today’s AI landscape.

Train Existing Workers

Hiring new talent is a possibility, but many leaders will choose to train their existing teams. It reduces the risk involved when hiring new talent. Staff will also feel more valued knowing you are making the effort to increase their skill set.

CIOs who choose to train existing workers may integrate the following strategies.

Partner with Academies: Several academies offer AI training as part of their business programs. Companies may partner with these institutions to provide training to their workers. They may provide online courses or in-person courses employees can attend within or outside of working hours. They may also bring in academy instructors to train their staff.

Ongoing Training: Organizations may provide ongoing training to ensure their workers are familiar with the latest technologies. They can create training programs, or they can participate in training provided by technology vendors. For example, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have all developed free training programs to keep employees updated. Companies may also host meetings and events that provide career development and guidance for staff members.

AI Learning Platforms: It’s somewhat ironic to consider, but leaders may use AI learning platforms to teach employees AI skills. There are several online platforms available including Coursera, Docebo, Axonify, and more. These platforms use quizzes and gamification to increase engagement through machine learning. They also free up leaders so they can focus on tasks that boost company growth while their staff gets up to speed.

Finding AI Talent

Most companies won’t want to replace their staff, but they may hire additional members who are skilled in AI to maintain a competitive pace. AI-trained workers will reduce the need for timely and costly training resources. They can also train other workers to move the company forward.

But with a shortage of talent, the question is, where do you find these workers? Here are some possible solutions.

Determine Which Skills You Need: Necessary AI skills will vary from company to company depending on the industry. Determine the type of AI skills your organization needs to target the most qualified workers.

Attract Talent with Pay and Benefits: Organizations must determine what AI-skilled workers are looking for in an employee. It may be room for advancement, competitive salaries, benefits, and work-life balance, or a forward-thinking work culture. Companies must lure top talent with attractive benefits.

Look in Untapped Markets: Employees seeking AI talent may go to the usual markets like San Francisco, Seattle, Bangalore, and New York. However, these markets are also highly competitive. Talented individuals have various offers to choose from. Organizations should seek out untapped markets to find talent that can work within their pay and benefit structures.

Expedite the Recruiting Process: Many companies drag their feet during the recruiting process. By the time they decide to hire someone, they may already be taken by another company. Companies should not minimize the interview process as workers want to know they were hired for their skills and desirability. However, they should expedite the time between the interview and the hiring decision.

Consider an Anchor Hire: Organizations may consider an anchor hire, someone who is skilled in AI technology and will attract high-caliber talent to your team. They may also be valuable in assessing skills for future hires and training existing staff members.

Work with AI Talent Recruiting Agencies: An AI recruiting agency will have a pool of AI talent available to choose from. They will also take over the recruiting process to save your company time. They will determine the strategies to integrate to make your organization more attractive to AI employees.

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