The Role of IT in Driving Business Innovation and Transformation

by | Mar 26, 2023 | Digital Transformation

Whether you run a small business or are part of an executive team managing a large corporation, growing your business is one of the most important goals established at the start of every year. You bring to the table many ideas to foster business growth, and eventually, one or more of your strategies makes it to the executive conference room for serious consideration. At the center of any strategy to foster business growth should be the role technology plays in helping your organization reach its goals.

IT executives play a crucial role in driving the type of business innovation that attracts more clients or customers. Digital transformation, which is a common term referred to today by IT executives, represents the cornerstone of driving any business growth strategy because technology remains the engine that expedites several processes. Knowing how to automate previously manually-implemented processes represents just one example of how technology plays an important role in driving business innovation.

In the era of a new normal created by the COVID-19 pandemic, digitally transforming your organization can help accomplish goals such as increasing productivity and managing a remote workforce. Let’s learn how the role of IT can drive business innovation during an era of digital transformation.

5 Tips to Leverage Technology for Business Growth and Success

Technology is the engine that drives business growth through encouraging innovation. In 2023, IT executives have five ways to leverage technology to drive business growth, and thus achieve greater success.

1) Increase Your Organizations Visibility

Social media takes a bad rap because of the tendency of users to overplay it for communication in personal interactions. However, social media is the friend of IT executives that understand the power of reaching more potential clients and customers through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Other digital strategies to increase the visibility of your organization include adopting mobile marketing and content marketing strategies. Leveraging the power of online interactions represents one of the most affordable ways to drive business innovation during the era of digital transformation.

2) Improve the Interactions That You Have with Customers

Increasing your organization’s visibility is one thing. Taking advantage of more exposure requires IT executives to devise ways to improve the interactions they have with newly attracted customers.

In a post released in 2016 called “2016: CIOs And CMOs Must Rally To Lead Customer-Obsessed Change Now,”, Cliff Condon of Forrester emphasized the importance of the “Age of the Customer.” Because customers have become more informed in making their buying decisions, companies across all industries must adopt a new model to attract business. Technology plays an integral role in meeting customer expectations in the form of more advanced customer relationship management (CRM) tools that track customer preferences.

3) Embrace the Cloud

Cloud computing, which has been a technology buzzword for several years, is only now emerging as a viable strategy for companies to drive business innovation. Many IT executives have realized the many benefits cloud technology delivers for encouraging innovation, such as increasing the efficiency, and hence, the productivity of every member of your team. Cloud computing also enhances the strength of cybersecurity measures, while allowing your IT team to customize digital applications that meet your organization’s business goals.

4) Communicate by Using VOIP

Sometimes, the most innovative technology solutions to drive growth are the easiest ones to implement. Such is the case with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communication, which represents a cloud-centric solution that is a digital-only phone system used by every member of your organization, The best VoIP services offer low-cost national and international phone calls that include the full integration of mobile technology tools.

By incorporating VoIP into your organization’s technology platform, you can manage remote workers much more easily, while doing a better job of addressing complex human resources issues.

5) Optimize Big Data Analytics

Any growth strategy tied to innovation for your organization should include obtaining relevant and verifiable data. The most effective way to acquire accurate data is to use big data analytics. The seemingly infinite amount of data floating around online makes it necessary to incorporate an analytical tool to help your team of IT executives to determine which types of data matter most for making business decisions.

Big data analytics helps your organization gather a tremendous amount of data, without wasting valuable resources accomplishing your data collection strategy.

The Bottom Line: How to Get Started Today

Rapid changes in technology can make it difficult to decide where to start your game plan for driving business innovation and transformation. Nonetheless, your organization and IT team can take a few simple steps to get started on the road to increasing your organization’s growth. Add just a couple of social media profiles to engage customers. Automate redundant tasks such as payroll and invoicing to maximize productivity. Update your organization’s audio and video conferencing tools to improve remote workplace communications. Finally, increase the bandwidth of your IT platform to meet the rapidly increasing demand for technology solutions.

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